About the cattery

We have various designs and sizes of catteries to cater for all personalities r multiple pets. All are light and airy with a cosy sleeping area with covered beds, so your cat/s will feel safe, and a scratch post and litter tray/s.

Sedgeley prefers this design of cattery

This design of cattery has steps up to a bed platform. Access to a covered outside area is via a cat flap where the cats can lounge on a shelf and watch the world go by. These catteries are heated in the cold weather.


Mia - bird watching 
 This design of cattery is perfect for `house cats`. The sleeping area has a large window with a shelf to stretch out on. The large door is closed at night but your cat still has access to an exercise area via a cat flap. Each cattery is individually heated in cold weather.

This design of cattery is for cats who prefer the outdoor life. They are fully covered with draft proofing at bed level and open at shelf level so cats can view the countryside wildlife.. All beds are insulated so there is always a warm, cosy place for sleeping. We also have double units for multiple pets who like their own space These are connected via a cat flap allowing the cat to decide which space it would like to occupy.

Double catteries with connecting cat flap

Please note: These catteries are only used in the warm weather, unless requested, as they cannot be heated, although heated pads are available for the beds.

All our fees are fully inclusive but you are more than welcome to bring your own food, bed, toys etc if you wish and there is no extra charge for administering medication.

All cats must be fully vaccinated. Please see our requirements in Further Information.

Please note: We do not accept kittens under 4 months old.

24 hr supervision

Vet on call

Viewing welcome, by appointment

Opening hours: 10.00am - 6.00pm 7 days a week

Some of our regulars

Poppy and Oscar



FifiPoppy and RosieBillie

Pebbles and Patches

Alfie and BaileyBBiffy and Pearl


Toby and OscarPearlElsie




Betsy & Bella 

Deandane boarding kennels & cattery
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